Nuru Center Projects


Nuru Center is an IRS registered 503(c)(3) charitable organization; tax ID 26-0529807. Nuru Center’s mission is to empower orphaned and impoverished children in rural Kenya to achieve their highest potential and grow to become confident, competent, self-reliant, and productive members of the communities they reside. Nuru Center provides these deserving children with food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and educational opportunities.

Nuru Center currently has two actively operating projects; the Kikapu program and the Elimu Scholarship program. Nuru Center’s vision is to have a self-sustaining program through supporting projects. To this end, Nuru Center recently acquired a five acre piece of land. The land will be used for horticulture farming as a means of raising revenues that will ensure the organization realizes 50%-75% self-reliance. Our next goal will be to open an orphanage and community center in the Molo community. Below are descriptions for all the programs:

Elimu Scholarship Program

Elimu is a Swahili word for education. In Kenya it is estimated that while 75% of primary age children attend school, only 42% of secondary age children attend high school due to the prohibitively high cost.  The Elimu program provides scholarships to children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend high school. Each scholarship costs $600 annually. The scholarship covers 100% of the cost associated with the recipients secondary school education. This includes: tuition, fees, boarding, meals, books, uniforms, and all the personal effects required by the school. Read More…

Kikapu Program

Kikapu is a Swahili word for basket. The Kikapu program is a seasonal project that runs every November and December, for those in desperate need of food during the holiday season.  Each basket, which costs $25, provides approximately 40 meals. Over the last six years, the Kikapu program has provided over 18,000 holiday meals to over 350 families and 150 patients with this program. Read More…

The Orphanage and Community Center

As of 2007, the Kenyan National AIDS Control Council estimated a total of 1,149,000 children were orphaned because of the AIDS.The goal is to have this program sustain itself through horticulture farming. In addition to housing, the orphanage will host a community center. The community center will provide children in the wider community a safe environment where they can socialize and find guidance through mentors. The community center will also have resources like a reception hall and/or auditorium available for rental that will be used to generate additional revenue for the project. We believe this model will reduce the reliance on donations in the long term, resulting in a successful impact to the entire community.

 Supporting Project: The Nuru Farm

In January 2012, Nuru Center acquired a five acre farm in the rural community of Molo, Kenya. We project that within two years, the conservative proceeds from the farm will have returned the initial capital investment used to purchase the farm. The annual returns will be able to provide full scholarships to anywhere from 18 to 30 students a year. As we create collaborative partnerships with key farming organization, we are confident that we will exceed the conservative estimates and create a greater impact from the farm.

More information on these programs, achievements, and pictures are available on our website –